Czech Tech Talents: Let's Lend Our Skills to Israeli Startups
Hey Tech Community,

Tough times over in Israel. A significant chunk of Israeli tech workforce has been called up for reserve duty, leaving many startups, especially in cybersecurity and cloud AI critically under resouced. They need backup, and this is where we step in.

We're rolling out the "Tech Talent Transfer" initiative. What's the deal? We're looking for Czech IT pros ready to jump in and work remotely with Israeli startups. It's not just about lending a hand; you'll be diving into cutting-edge tech and getting firsthand startup experience.

Why are we doing this? Beyond the immediate help, we're setting the stage for future collaboration. Imagine Israeli R&D centers popping up in the Czech Republic down the line. Cool, right?

Let's show that in tech, there's no such thing as borders.

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